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about me

I am a multidisciplinary visual artist. My work is about people, their image and their perception of image. I am seeking unexpected interactions through combining different media, mainly in the genres of drawing, painting, video and animation. I aim to explore perceptibility and the dynamics of image and image representation in contemporary life.
I find lines particularly interesting, as they they are the building blocks of bidimentional representation yet they do not exist in nature. I draw a line that becomes a drawing, it gets colored on a canvas, it becomes tridimentional in installations and weavings, it moves freely in space to finally acquire a fourth dimension – time – in animations. 

A single line can organize the chaos in our thoughts

Pas Filles
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tidal flow art is an nonprofit organization based in Athens since 2016, dedicated to producing contemporary art exhibitions and art projects  as a catalyst for discussion, inspiration and impact.

We organize a series of group and solo exhibitions, each focusing on themes relevant in current artistic practice, with a wide range of topics including environmental, social and political issues.

Being friends for over 20 years, Jenny Tsoumpri and Penelope Kouvara share a common vision, values and a belief in adopting an open, human and accessible approach to art by creating a personal relationship with the audience.

Το animation4kids, από το 2016, κάνει μικρές ταινίες animation με παιδιά του δημοτικού και έτσι καλλιεργεί τις σχεδιαστικές και αφηγηματικές ικανότητες των παιδιών.

animation4kids - penelope kouvara

Since October 2015 in collaboration with Marion Inglessi, we created the video project non stop motion animation by people in motion  for children and adolescents in refugee shelters in Athens.

In 2014 I joined the ongoing project architecture4kids  created by architect Filitsa Daskalaki, an introduction to architecture for children 4-10 years old.

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 architecture4kids –  Facebook 

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Between 2006 and 2014, I  worked with Avra Georgiou in documentary research, dance and art videos.

Ι was co-writer for the documentary ‘Dollars for a Saint’ by Avra Georgiou.

Selected Group Exhibitions:

  • GEOphilosophy, Alsos N.Smyrnis, Athens 20202
  • fleVes eco project @ Platforms Project 2019
  • tidal flow RElocated, Cyclades Art Gallery, Syros, 2017
  • tidal tlow REvisited, Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, May 2017
  • tidal flow, moving contemporary art exhibition, September 2016
  • Art Beats II, Onassis Scholars’ Association, 2008
  • Florence Biennale, 2007
  • dkd, Headquarters of North Atlantic Treaty Organization, April 2005
  • medi@terra 01, _De-Globalizing / Re-Globalizing, micro museum,
    Athens>Lavrio>Sofia>Belgrade>Maribor>Osnabrück>Frankfurt 2001
    Open Art, Hillside Press, Frankfurt Book Fair, October 2001/Art Athina, November 2001
  • Athens School of Fine Arts Graduates, National Gallery of Greece,1993

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

  • Mneme, π. 37 art gallery, 6 April 2006-6 May 2006
  • Time Loss, Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, 27 February-17 March 2002


  • Onassis Foundation Scholarship 1989 – 1992.
  • Erasmus scholarship from the State Scholarship Foundation in 1991, to attend a cycle of BA Hons Fine Art at Middlesex Polytechnic of London

Between 2006 and 2014, I  worked as video editor of art and dance videos, on web projects and administration and on documentary research.

I studied Fine Arts at the Athens School of Fine Arts. I graduated in 1993.

I studied Medicine for two years and then stopped medical studies to study Art. 

I was born at Patras, Greece. I finished Arsakeio Patras School and moved to Italy to study Medicine at Pavia University.









face 2 animation penelope kouvara

A single line can organize the chaos in our thoughts

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