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drawings and printings-mneme-penelope-kouvara-11


April 2006
π37 art gallery

Man of today is a super hero who is not weighed down by the unnecessary luggage of personal or collective memory, but fearlessly goes on, all alone and innocent, armed with an enormous and unexplored ego.


Super hero realizes his existence strictly during action. Frenetic rhythm and loads of information overload short term memory tanks, which change continuously without leaving any mnemonic traces. In the absence of long term memory, his life is a pool of scattered impressions, he has no sense of himself, no sense of past or future.


The visual artist today is a super hero himself, crushed by the overload of images, the weight of painting’s history, the conventions of figuration and the orthodoxy of modernism while the world of images constantly changes.


Art is an act of self exposure and painting becomes a filter of mass media’s impact on both individual and collective sense of identity so the artist can redefine “personal” in an impersonal world.

forgetting to forget
remembering to remember
remembering to forget

drawings and printings-mneme-penelope-kouvara-10
video Avra Georgiou
editing Penelope Kouvara
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